Virtual Assistants Australia aims to take over all those repetitive and time consuming services that you spend all your time doing, or that staff members end up doing, when they could be focusing on other, more important tasks. This doesn’t mean that a Virtual Assistant can’t take on more skilled activities however, it all depends on what your business needs.


Our Executive Virtual Assistants are skilled in providing the following services to your business:

  • Administrative support

    Need someone to field and respond to emails? Our Virtual Assistants will make sure you never miss a single email, with the added benefit of having those out of office emails responded to in a timely manner.

  • Data Mining

    You may have been compiling raw data and never using it because you lack an affordable dedicated resource to mine the data into valuable actionable information. A Virtual Assistant can help them with this.

  • Data Entry

    Like data mining, the information gleaned by the business will need to be placed into a system for management before it can be used, let a Virtual Assistant take over this task.

  • Desktop Research

    Need to compile a report or undertake research to inform a decision-making process? A Virtual Assistant can do this while you sleep.

  • Lead Generation

    Never spend another second of your valuable time cold calling prospective leads. Have your Virtual Assistant research, group and sift through leads on your behalf, leaving you free to only contact the leads that matter.

  • Bookkeeping

    Invoicing, filing claims and completing paperwork. Our Virtual Assistants do it all.

  • Content Management System

    Make sure company websites stay up to date by using a Virtual Assistant to upload the latest news and articles.

  • Customer Relationship Marketing Management

    Remember client birthdays and send out gifts without having to lift a finger.

  • Scheduling

    Make appointments that everyone can attend without the stress and calendar management involved.

  • Calendar Management

    Whether it’s personal or private, a Virtual Assistant can manage a calendar for you.

  • Customer Support and Telemarketing

    Run your business and let your Virtual Assistant handle everything else!

  • Reception Duties

    Avoid constant interruptions. A Virtual Receptionist will make sure only the important messages get through to the people who matter.

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