How It Works

It’s simple process to follow to get a Virtual Personal Assistant for your business, all you have to do is contact Virtual Assistants Australia, and we will start taking care of the heavy lifting immediately. Just follow these easy and fool proof steps:

  • Step 1: Know what you want from your Virtual Assistant

  • Step 2: We will shortlist the most suitable Virtual Assistant for your needs

    Remember how painful the interviewing process can be? Many of the CV’s you get for a job are from unqualified chancers with no references or experience. Well, this fear will be a thing of the past as our Recruitment team will source, screen, interview and match appropriate candidates according to the job description provided. We will narrow down all applicants until only a select few highly qualified individuals remain.

  • Step 3: You choose the perfect Virtual Assistant

    Once our Recruitment team has chosen the most suitable candidates, you’ll receive their resumes along with their rates to peruse. This ensures that you won’t have to deal with the disappointment of having a perfect candidate who is out of your price range. Via Skype, we set up an interview for you to meet the candidates that appeal to you and see them ‘face to face’.

  • Step 4: Once you’ve selected your Virtual Assistant, we’ll do the HR work for you

    We’ll organize the appropriate paperwork for the successful candidate, load them into our payroll system and set them up with our Online Management System. This software will log and monitor their hours and take random screenshots for proof. You will receive this information on a daily email.

Virtual Personal Australia