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Virtual Assistants Australia

Outsourcing at its finest, and most affordable!


  • Need assistance with the day to day running of your business?
  • Spend hours on simple or repetitive tasks when you should be doing more important things?
  • Lack the financial and physical resources to hire an Assistant on the ground?

If any of the above problems sound familiar, then you need to outsource a Virtual Assistant in Australia today. Virtual Assistants Australia offers business owners and busy individuals the chance to get professional assistance online from professional Executive Assistants, Receptionists, Adwords Specialists, Copywriters as well as Web Developers Social Media Managers and more at extremely affordable rates.

These highly trained Virtual Assistants can assist you no matter where you’re located in Australia and beyond with a full time, part time, fixed term or weekly service offerings. Using technological advances and systems, you can outsource skilled work to a Virtual Assistant, who you can personally select and interview for the job.

All of our Virtual Assistants come excellentreferences who are used to providing administrative, sales, design and development, advertising, communication and financial support services to clients in different time zones. This flexibility allows them to be ready to work with you no matter where you are.

With established teams and managers, you won’t have to worry about what goes on behind the scenes. We can offerour clients the opportunity to monitor their Virtual Assistant’s activity via a remote function to assure you that they are doing your work or keep track of the hours they’re working for you.

Outsourcing a Virtual Assistant allows you to get all the support that you need, at a fraction of the cost and without the risks associated with employing someone.With a Virtual Assistant, you also don’t have to worry about office spaceor additional equipment.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that even while you sleep, someone can be hard at work completing all those tasks you never get around to due to lack of time.

Boost your PRODUCTIVITY and your PROFITABILITY, get more time back in your daywith Virtual Assistant services from Virtual Assistants Australia.

Virtual Personal Australia

Hire Professional Virtual Assistants

Outsourcing your business for less $$ just got a whole lot easier, better and even more affordable! Forget the nightmares of paying for poorly written content and communication drama’s, with our Virtual Assistants here are just some of the more obvious benefits:

  • The Choice of Full time, Part Time or Weekly Assistants
  • Desire to understand your company and your needs
  • Experience
  • Transparent services (it’s like they’re right there in your office!)
  • Available for hours in your time zone
  • Meeting high quality Australian standards
  • Fully managed by Philippines operators
  • Competitive rates

Virtual Assistant

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"The Virtual Assistant rapidly alleviated my fears of initiating to work with a Virtual Assistant for the very first time. They are fast to learn and repeatedly recommend new techniques of doing things that save money or time. I have received fantastic feedback from clients regarding their efficiency and warmth, providing me complete faith that they are an exceptional ambassador of my brand."

James Hendry,
Managing Director

  "Cheers! Wish I would make the most of a VA sooner. Important for any business-great service and way more cost efficient and flexible than positioning someone on directly. Damian and Kelly from the VA not only supported us to get organized, but contributed in on transmuting sales and assisted us deliver a best ever day in bookings. Will be using the VA as an everlasting fixture in our business! Thanks Damian, Kelly and VA crew."

Andy Clark,
Managing Director

"Look, I now believed my VAs was just tremendous for taking holidays, bouncing idea around and routine business. Afterwards, I was in a hurry to hospital without warning. They reserved my business operating without a snag while my friends and husband juggled my care and my young boys, and I was busy with an entire other type of operating. In fact, my words are not enough in putting my gratitude for that!"

Larry Jane,